Andrea & Jeremy | Engaged | Balboa Park San Diego

Andrea and Jeremy are in la la love! Let me just cut to the chase and tell you about how romantic Jeremy’s proposal was to Andrea. He secretly invited her whole family over (she’s originally from Los Angeles County) and his to help create an unforgettable engagement celebration. Their families gathered at their home and waited patiently for Andrea to arrive. When she walked in the walls where covered with photographs of their years together as a couple, lights were dim and the only thing that sparkled was the shiny engagement ring and her smile as Jeremy got down on his knee to proclaim his love in front all of their favorite people. Now how is that for sweetness?!

During their engagement session I feel in love with their love. They were just as bubbly and explosively fresh like a  newly popped bottle of rosé that tingles each time it hits your lips. Yup, that’s the kinda love they just poured all over Balboa Park that day. Then I met Cleo, their fur baby, and her feisty ways made me feel all warmsie inside. Oh and did I mention how photographic she is or maybe just maybe I’m the new dog whisper. Ha!

I’m honored to help these two loves become husband and wife next year. Can I get a woo woo for all my 2017 weddings!!!


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