Let me introduce myself. My name is Evie (well my nick name) unless you’ve only met me for the first time then it’s Eva but I prefer Evie because Eva is just so formal and I like to feel as young as I can! I’m a primary school teacher by training, and I’m obsessed with being a photographer! I’m a mama of three and they make me werk, werk, werk everyday! I love them and my number one fan, my husband, to pieces so you’ll see our adventures (if you’d like) on my personal page @eviemgal.

I’m super self-motivated, but first coffee! I won’t stop dancing with my hubby-as long as Jlo keeps shaking it so will I! I’m a sweets obsessed kinda gal but trying to live that paleo/clean eating runners’ life. I so need to take more photos of me and my family because this was taken when? I still like trying to rock trendy clothes like age ain’t nothing but a number even though I’m so over 21. Recently I’ve been trying to find the perfect outfits to twin it with my daughter, you can see us being silly here #ellieandevieg.If you like seeing light and airy photos of families, engagements, weddings and beautiful mamas-to-be then stay tuned here! I’m a SoCal girl, but you can find me up and down the coast…holla if you see me! I hope to post more pretty details of my clients’ and their amazing clothes & shoes because that’s what inspires me plus you all and your unique style! Hey I might even want to borrow your outfit? By the way, did I mention I can make a mean clean margarita, capirotada (Mexican bread pudding) and chocoflan?!Below you’ll find some of my Instagram posts with links to products I’ve used for my kiddos, parties and more.

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