Penelope | Baby’s First Christmas | San Gabriel

Christmas time is all sorts of magic, especially when your little one is celebrating their first ONE! I think this Baby’s First Christmas photo session is a perfectly modern way to create this sort of time capsule of memories, just like a traditional ornament. Penelope just had her first Christmas and if it looked anything like her fairy tale like bedroom then it had to be a good one! Penelope’s mom, Vanessa and I went to high school together so I was super excited to photograph her little trio. Since we follow each other on Instgram I was already swooning about how gorgeous her home’s light was going to be and yup it was spot on perfection! Then Vanessa, she’s got some chic style! I mean I drool over fur, pinks, and gold and well she had it all! It was like walking into a Domino Magazine spread…delightful!

Oh and then I met Penelope and she was beyond the epitome of joy. Throughout the entire session she just was beaming with little specks of sunshine. I think I’m going to give her the award for most smiles recorded during a photo session. Really, she smiled at everyone and everything we handed to her. Thank you Penelope for not making me force out too many (probably freakishly weird)  google-eyed faces and sounding like I’m an “ah-goo” broken record. I mean my skills to do work, but I get a face work out every-single-time I’m trying to make a baby show me their two front teeth. Well Vanessa your family is beautiful and so is your magazine-worthy home!

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