London | Newborn

Oh London you may have come into this world little but I know you are here to do big things! London was born a couple of months ago to first time mama, Pryscilla. Mommy and daddy couldn’t be more prepared and it definitely showed! Their new little trio was so perfectly calm during their newborn session that I was a little surprised this was their first time around. Even London slept so well in Pryscillas arms, then on their furry rug, and finally in his bed I was in newborn heaven. I was like, sheesh someone give this kiddo an award for best napper! I’m sure he’s going to make his parents really happy for a while, well until his teeth start coming in! (Ha, this is a veteran parent’s joke).

Oh and how clever is London’s mama? She made this felt letter board! I absofreakinlutley love it when my clients get their craft on and make items for their session. Rock on with your bad self mama! By the way can I get one in pink? lol

Well Happy “Birth”day baby boy! I know you are going to use all those zzzz to take on all of your big dreams!

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