A Letter to My 6 Year Old Son | Personal

Dear Emmett,

Today you are six! That means six years ago today I held you for the first time ever. I kissed your sweet cheeks, snuggled your pudgy nose and looked at you in awe. Let me tell you a few things about your five-year-old self that I’ve come to adore.  You are the most un-shy and friendliest member of our family, which makes it easy for you to make friends where ever you are, this makes me feel so warm and fuzzy knowing that you have the confidence that sometimes I lack. You have always been the smiliest boy and everyone enjoys your happiness, kindness, and sweet-nartured heart. Since three you have been a builder, puzzle solver, and of course athlete. My favorite things about you right now is your love for playing soccer and challenging yourself to build bigger and better Lego models. I can’t believe you have your first loose tooth with the adult one growing right behind it. Hopefully you’ll get your daddy’s genes and not mine so you can have beautiful straight teeth. I’m so proud that you are well behaved at school, but… there’s always room for improvement at home (I’m just saying) and you are always so excited to pick up a new book from the library.  I could list a million and one things about you that I love right now, but my top two are your hair color, because it reminds me of the summer’s golden light, and the affection you show me on a daily basis -keep those kisses coming! Oh and one more, I love your excitement for the little things in life, like tonight when I snuggled in bed with you and you whispered with a smile, “Am I six yet?”

I can not wait to see what your six-year-old year has in store, until then…

I pray that I’ll always receive your tender hugs, gentle kisses, and extra snuggles while you are reading to me on the couch. I pray to God that we will be in each other’s lives so long that I need binoculars to see you receive diploma after diploma (scratch that who am I kidding I’ll be in the front) that I may dance with you to “Dear Mamma” (oh maybe two or three times because I’ll slip the DJ a bill) at your wedding, and watch us get gray hair and all wrinkly while we are on our annual family vacation. And if I am ever not there to hold your hand or kiss your tears away always know you can pray for me and I will be listening to you and praying right back for your smiles to return like when you were just a child and I held your tiny clammy hands in mine and whispered I love you more.

These are all of my favorite parts about you my love! 2017-02-22_0001


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