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Darling Lucia Camila was born on December 22nd, weighing in at 6lbs 4.3 oz. and 18.9 inches. Her mom and dad lovingly call her Luca for short. She may have been a ‘lil thang coming into this world, but when we met she already, according to her mother, had a rough and tough little ‘tude which apparently she got from her auntie. I loved it! It reminded me of my own daughter and I guess myself, shy at first and then we break out of our cocoon and become beautiful confident butterflies.

Her parents already adore her but told me in all honesty they were suffering by trying to keep up with her nocturnal sleeping patterns. Sound familiar? For me it totally does! After three kids I can kinda claim I’m an expert, right? Well, like the familiar 00’s phrase went, “You ain’t gotta lie to kick it!” Here’s the truth. My son didn’t sleep on his own in his own bed till he was two and a half. Yes, it was partly our fault being first time parents but we also didn’t realize that it was our lack of confidence that he could feel oozing out of our groins that made him insecure and want to sleep with us. Another reason why we failed was because we didn’t use the best baby sleeper in the world at that time, which was the Rock -n- Play. This was a life saver with my two other children. They slept in it like a bug in a rug because it snuggles them nice and cozy like they sleeping in arms. Plus new research show that all infants and babies, should sleep at an angle, so air can flow freely and they don’t choke on their spit. And my last bit of advice, which I got from another mom was to give your his last bottle, for the nigh,t as formula (if you are nursing which I did). Formula keeps them asleep longer because it is thicker and allows them to stay full unlike nursing which is thin and makes them hungry after a few hours. We used this method with our last and it worked wonders as well.  Hopefully these little tips help someone out there and of course Francisco and Janet.

Fransisco and Janet, as the saying goes, the days are long but the years are short. Enjoy each sleepless night because it will not be long before she’s grown and no long this teeny.

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