Sometimes I want to just squeeze my clients to pieces. I tend to become a little overwhelmed with happiness and get all mushy inside when I look at my inbox and see a request for another session from one of my previous clients. This my friends, I think, is the ultimate compliment. It’s when you know they like your work and maybe you (just a little bit). So here we are. I am photographing Arlene, Anthony and now one-year old baby Jacob. Time just keeps marching on and I love to watch my families grow. Take a looksies at Jacob’s adorable big bright blue eyes and his blondie hair. I remember he was such a tough guy during his newborn session and really tested my limits, but the aftermath was all worth it! And now, he’s an even more adorable toddler just full of smiles and the funniest faces you ever did see! Arlene and Anthony I’m so ready for you guys to have another one so I can keep photographing your beautiful family (oh did I type that hee he)!

Oh and also check out the latest first birthday item that Arlene ordered from Etsy. They are super cool chalkboard-like poster boards with all the neat things Jacob can do and what he likes. Also, I love balloons, thanks Arlene for being so cute and bringing them along.2014-10-21_00012014-10-21_00022014-10-21_00032014-10-21_00042014-10-21_00052014-10-21_00062014-10-21_00072014-10-21_00082014-10-21_00092014-10-21_00102014-10-21_00112014-10-21_00122014-10-21_00132014-10-21_00142014-10-21_00152014-10-21_00162014-10-21_00172014-10-21_00182014-10-21_00192014-10-21_00202014-10-21_00212014-10-21_00222014-10-21_00232014-10-21_00242014-10-21_00252014-10-21_00262014-10-21_00272014-10-21_00282014-10-21_00292014-10-21_00302014-10-21_00312014-10-21_00322014-10-21_00332014-10-21_00342014-10-21_00352014-10-21_00362014-10-21_0037


This Babe will be given lots and lots of love. Carmen and Allen are thrilled to create their very own party of five. Nathan and Jared are also ready to welcome a little brother into their lives. The warm hugs and tender kisses Nathan and Jared pressed against Carmen’s belly was a true indication of how ready they are to handle a new babe and introduce him as the newest addition of their family. Throughout the session, Allen was a sweet and affectionate as his two boys, which made every image seem effortless. And Carmen….gahhh! She was just as beautiful as could be with her long flowing white dress and natural charm. Congratulations to your whole family! Oh yeah, good luck on choosing the perfect name! That’s always the toughest part. 2014-10-19_00012014-10-19_00022014-10-19_00032014-10-19_00042014-10-19_00052014-10-19_00062014-10-19_00072014-10-19_00082014-10-19_00092014-10-19_00102014-10-19_00112014-10-19_00122014-10-19_00132014-10-19_00142014-10-19_00152014-10-19_00162014-10-19_00172014-10-19_00182014-10-19_00192014-10-19_00202014-10-19_00212014-10-19_00222014-10-19_00232014-10-19_00242014-10-19_00252014-10-19_00262014-10-19_00272014-10-19_00282014-10-19_00292014-10-19_00302014-10-19_00312014-10-19_00322014-10-19_00332014-10-19_00342014-10-19_00352014-10-19_00362014-10-19_00372014-10-19_00382014-10-19_0039


You guys…I was so excited to photograph this session at this location! Sarah and Nick are good friends of mine and I am both blessed and extremely honored to photograph their maternity session for their first child. Sarah and Nick are just adorable. Sarah is totally the sweet school teacher and Nick the protective Firefighter. Their little guy sure does have some sweet shoes to fill! When theses two decided on Riley’s Farm for their shoot, I think my heart skipped a beat. I just get all warm and fuzzy thinking about cider and the crisp air. I know that fall is actually the end of the year, but ever since I could remember it felt like the beginning. Maybe because I associate the fall with the beginning of the new school year, new football season and so on. So when Sarah and Nick met me at Riley’s for their session, I was in my own nature-obsessed happy place. These newlyweds (yup they just got married a little less then a year ago) will be expecting a boy this coming December. I’m thrilled! This means bigger play dates and more birthday parties as our circle of friends grows larger. Congratulations my dear friends! Can’t wait to meet the newbie!