Meet the Darling family, aren’t they just darling?! Ha, I just had to! Nina had very much wanted to finally get her family in front of the camera for their first professional photo session as a complete family of five. Why complete? Well, she said that was it, that her and her husband had their sweet daughter Brielle and they knew their family was perfect! Two princes and a princess sounds pretty good to me! I had an immediate connection as soon as we met. Their son’s name is Emmett and all their children are around two years apart. “Hey, ” I mentioned to Nina,  “just like me and my children.” Like any mothers would do, we discussed the trial and tribulations of having three, making adult time, and basically keeping it all together. I had mentioned to her that I feel like everyday I hear someone saying, “Oh three? The third one always makes things crazy.” Nina reassured me that the dynamics of the family do shift, but it’s manageable and the more the merrier! By the looks of how her and J.R. handled their first photo session as a family of five, I totally believe her! Congratulations Nina and J.R. on your beautiful family. Side note, Nina didn’t want to find out the gender of her last babe (you know because of the odds) and what a surprise to have Brielle Darling pop on out to greet them!2015-02-25_00012015-02-25_00022015-02-25_00032015-02-25_00042015-02-25_00052015-02-25_00062015-02-25_00072015-02-25_00082015-02-25_00092015-02-25_00102015-02-25_00112015-02-25_00122015-02-25_00142015-02-25_00152015-02-25_00162015-02-25_00172015-02-25_00182015-02-25_00192015-02-25_00202015-02-25_00212015-02-25_00222015-02-25_00232015-02-25_00242015-02-25_00252015-02-25_00262015-02-25_00272015-02-25_00282015-02-25_00292015-02-25_00302015-02-25_00312015-02-25_00322015-02-25_00332015-02-25_00342015-02-25_00352015-02-25_00362015-02-25_00372015-02-25_0038


I’m always surrounded by such pretty girls during my sessions, and most of them just happen to come from my high school alma mater. Now we are all grown up and these intelligent, independent, and hard working ladies have transformed from pretty gals in plaid skirts and burgundy headbands to full-fledged career women and moms. I can’t even express how much gratitude I feel every time one of the girls (because I went to an all girl’s school) asks me to photograph their lives. It’s like weren’t we just track buddies a few years ago and now I’m photographing a baby in your belly? Craziness to the max for sure! This is exactly how I felt when I met up Veronica and her husband Charlie. She’s as cute as I remember her. We gabbed a whole lot during their session, mostly about baby stuff like, nursery and names, but most importantly about the support they will have from their families. Here are some fun details I gathered; Isabella will be the fourth grandchild on Veronica’s side of the family, her nursery will look adorable in mint and elephants (come one, who doesn’t love a little mint in their lives?), and baby Isabella has made mama’s feet itch really awful lately! Congratulations Veronica and Charlie!!! I know you told me your are both as ready as you can be, but don’t forget the snacks and phone charger (Charlie)! Much love from your track buddy, Go Tigers!2015-02-18_00042015-02-18_00022015-02-18_00032015-02-18_00052015-02-18_00062015-02-18_00012015-02-18_00072015-02-18_00092015-02-18_00102015-02-18_00292015-02-18_00302015-02-18_00142015-02-18_00152015-02-18_00162015-02-18_00172015-02-18_00182015-02-18_00192015-02-18_00202015-02-18_00212015-02-18_00222015-02-18_00232015-02-18_00242015-02-18_00252015-02-18_00262015-02-18_0028


Better late then never! How could I not share all these beautiful families? Below, are the last 2014 sessions I photographed and some of my favorite images for sure! I love the way each and every family session is at a different location, each with their own unique look that match the family perfectly. 2015-02-11_00012015-02-11_00022015-02-11_00032015-02-11_00042015-02-11_00062015-02-11_00072015-02-11_00112015-02-11_00132015-02-11_00142015-02-11_00152015-02-11_00162015-02-11_00172015-02-11_00192015-02-11_00202015-02-11_00212015-02-11_00222015-02-11_00232015-02-11_00242015-02-11_00252015-02-11_00262015-02-11_00272015-02-11_00282015-02-11_00292015-02-11_00302015-02-11_00312015-02-11_00322015-02-11_00332015-02-11_00342015-02-11_00352015-02-11_00362015-02-11_00372015-02-11_00382015-02-11_00392015-02-11_0040