One of my favorite fams had another baby girl and they are just head-over-heels for her! Welcome to my family too, the Eva Marie Photo newborns family that is! I adore watching, photographing, and interacting with all these adorable babes and their families! It’s amazing to watch all these sweetie pies from the beginning to toddlerhood and on. So, thank you dear family for allowing me to help capture another one of your beautiful babes!

Naya did you know your big sister was also photographed by me too? Well she was and you are just a sweet, delicate, and precious as you! Your mommy and daddy love their girls without a doubt, so much so that they’d spend a couple of hours of their free time with me so that they could get these memories of you to cherish forever and ever. Naya, soon you’ll recognize your sister’s adorable giggle every time she’s trying tease your daddy by running away from him. Then you will grow a little more and you’ll probably only feel one hundred percent comfortable in your mommy’s warm embrace as she looks down at you with such an overwhelming sense of joy. And then get ready for your daddy to throw you up high in the sky just to make you smile. Don’t worry he’ll always be there to catch you, just like he does with your sister. Oh and let’s talk about how your sister is looking forward to being your very best friend, to tell secrets to and to play with under the sun in your big backyard. Welcome to the world Naya!


Okay for like a split second I was like, “no that can’t be her she’s not pregnant” as I was looking for Rosemarie at Union station. I saw her from behind and then she faced her cute little belly towards me and I hollered, “hi oh that is you!” This is Rosemarie and David’s first little baby bundle so it totally made sense that she was all belly. Because believe me when you are on your third pregnancy like my last pregnancy I was all belly, bootay, thighs and then some. I think it’s just because your body is like, “okay I know what’s up a baby is coming and I’m going to get all ready with some extra cushion to keep this little one protected!” Ha, so that’s what I tell myself because I gained way too much that last time. As for Rosemarie she was wearing the sexiest little blue number to perfection. Both Rosemarie and David chose Union station, which I loved, because they live in the coolest loft in Downtown LA so this location was just around the corner from them. The two of them were so excited to bring baby Olivia Madison into their hearts and home and it shows in every loving embrace throughout their session. By the way Olivia Madison joined their lives and hearts this May and I can’t wait to show you her pretty face!2016-07-25_00012016-07-25_00022016-07-25_00032016-07-25_00042016-07-25_00052016-07-25_00062016-07-25_00072016-07-25_00082016-07-25_00092016-07-25_00102016-07-25_00112016-07-25_00122016-07-25_00132016-07-25_00142016-07-25_00152016-07-25_00162016-07-25_00172016-07-25_00182016-07-25_00192016-07-25_00202016-07-25_00212016-07-25_00222016-07-25_00232016-07-25_00242016-07-25_00252016-07-25_00262016-07-25_00272016-07-25_00282016-07-25_00292016-07-25_00302016-07-25_00312016-07-25_00322016-07-25_00332016-07-25_00342016-07-25_00352016-07-25_00362016-07-25_00372016-07-25_00382016-07-25_0039


J is for Jolene. Baby Jojo is as precious as they come! I think I’ll call her Jolene the Jewel! She was so teeny tiny, or maybe I just forgot how small newborns are, she reminded me of just a bundle of cute little bits. I also love her family to pieces. They are my sweet friends and our children are the best of friends. Again and again, I just feel so full of joy and humbled when I’m asked to photograph any family, especially my dear friend’s. Can I mention how Jolene is not only a pretty peach, but already sleeps through the night, loves her nappy naps, and only fusses when she wants her mama’s arms. Yes, she’s a dream!

Why is baby number two always so easy peasy? Maybe it’s because as parents we are confidant, feel like veterans, and we know that we can actually successfully keep a mini-human alive for 365 days and more (unlike my darn succulents). lol

Congratulations to my friends and their now even more adorable family! Oh and take a lookie at their sister pictures. Can I just take sister pictures all day every day?!2016-07-24_00142016-07-24_00012016-07-24_00022016-07-24_00032016-07-24_00042016-07-24_00052016-07-24_00062016-07-24_00072016-07-24_00082016-07-24_00092016-07-24_00102016-07-24_00112016-07-24_00122016-07-24_00132016-07-24_00152016-07-24_00162016-07-24_00172016-07-24_00182016-07-24_00192016-07-24_00202016-07-24_00212016-07-24_00222016-07-24_00232016-07-24_00242016-07-24_00252016-07-24_00262016-07-24_00272016-07-24_00282016-07-24_00292016-07-24_00302016-07-24_00312016-07-24_00322016-07-24_00332016-07-24_00342016-07-24_00352016-07-24_00362016-07-24_00372016-07-24_00362016-07-24_00372016-07-24_00382016-07-24_00392016-07-24_0040


Say hello to Darlene! She’s just beautiful inside and out! Let’s talk about her dress! I love a mama-to-be in a maxi, one and two, a cream flowing one! Pinch my little photographer cheeks! Darlene is a mom to three and now four! A few weeks ago she popped, and out came handsome little Max! Did I mention she’s a new Evamariephoto friend? I love all my past and present friends, but it’s always so sweet to meet a new pretty mama friend! Darlene and her adorable family just love hanging out and having a good time together outdoors, indoors, you name it! Let’s talk about the sisters…like all girly-girls they enjoy a good pair of shoes and giggling the day away. So much so, every single photo I took of them they had smiles as wide and sweet as watermelon slices (you know like that emoji watermelon one)! The men were as cool as cucumbers (geez am I hungry or something?) and oh so supportive of the gals in their life!

Dear Darlene, I welcome you and your family and hope to see you at least once a year so I can document your growing family from #evamariephotomaternity to #evamariephotofamilies !


Parenthood is one of the most fascinating times in a life. It’s filled with an amazing amount of love and fear all in the same moment. The love is unmeasurable, why? This tiny human was created from two individuals, their parents, with all of their heart and soul. Then a tiny bit of fear sets in because your babe is actual a real little human that you must help grow and nourish every single day. Luckily Erika and Ryan have already passed that stage of fear and they are practically pros. They’ve already started with their sweet and adorable daughter. Now let’s welcome their scrumptious baby boy Ryder. His cheeks, button nose, and oh that “Patene Pro V” kinda good hair!

Can I just say that these two parents are one of my favorites! I feel like I’ve been with them from day one, well I guess I kinda have. I was honored to photograph Erika and Ryan’s love on their wedding day, then came family portraits, and now baby number two.  Congratulations Erika and Ryan on your adorable family!



When it’s time it’s time. The journey into parenthood is different for every single mother, father, and couple. Along that path into creating a new life, there is always so much love behind each dream and prayer. Alma and her husband have patiently waited and now they are bursting with joy because it’s their time to bring a new life, new love, and new family member into their homes and hearts.

I always feel so honored when my clients share their walk into becoming parents, whether it’s the first, third, or fifth time. We all have our stories and I love hearing each and every one. Then what story do I give? If they are first-timers, then I share my number one (which are really two or three ) mommy-tip; 1. Use a pacifier. It’s great to prevent SIDS and soothes them when you’re pulling your hair out at 3am from nursing straight for the past three hours. 2. Buy a rock-n-play and use the heck out of it. My children slept in that thing like a snug bug in a rug! 3. Definitely don’t be afraid to use all the necessary resources to maintain nursing. It’s tough, but so are we!

And oh their session was heart-warming with the sweetest and most enduring touches, which I know their babe will receive forever! Just take a look!