There’s something about love and springtime. Everything seems to looks so much prettier when flowers are blooming and snazzy little dresses are worn (just sayin’). Monica’s wearing the most perfect pink number here to dazzle the socks off of David for their engagement session. I’ve known Monica and David for some time now. They first hired me to take their perfect-haired, super adorable, and ultra fashionable son Liam’s baby photos. Each session after that I’ve come to know and care for all three of these lovely individuals. Now to say they are one of the sweetest couples I know would be an understatement. It’s their calm and gracious attitude that just makes me feel at ease every time I get to photograph their beautiful family. Last year I witnessed and photographed David surprising Monica with the “big question” and a fabulous rock might I add. In about a month I will have the honor of photographing them again, but this time for their wedding!!! Ahhh I’m so excited. Monica and her sister are exteremely creative. I’m just drooling thinking what they have planned. Till then here are Monica and David’s engagement photos at the gorgeous canals in Venice Beach.



Please help me welcome beautiful baby Athena into this world. Cindy, Athena’s mom, went into her Ob for the final weekly check-up and her doctor informed her that she was already dilated 4 cm. Then they requested that she immediately check in at Labor and Delivery. Being that it was the day before April 1st Cindy thought this might be an early April fool’s joke. This was definitely no joke! Baby Athena arrived on her grandfather’s (dad’s father) birthday and their family couldn’t be happier! Cindy gave birth to her 7 lb. 13 oz. like a champ with not an epidural in sight. Dad, Herman, was there along side for each fascinating experience viewing a beautiful thing we call life.

Congratulations Cindy and Herman. Athen is a healthy and beautiful babe!


How does a year fly by so quickly? Everyone always says it, but parents don’t actually feel it until it’s time for their child’s first year photos. I’ve had so much fun hanging out with and photographing Isaac’s family since before he was even born. I welcomed them into my “photography family” as I like to call it over a year ago when I photographed their maternity session, then came newborn photos, holiday sessions, and now this…year one for baby Isaac! I know these adorable babes don’t realize that I know them so well, especially when their parents are trying to stuff cake into their mouths and I’m some weird lady that makes silly sounds and obnoxious faces, but in the end we all have a good laugh and memories to literally last a lifetime.

Isaac had three boyish and super festive outfits for his session. He’s been teething for a while so until dad threw him up in the air is when he was willing to show us his pearly growing whites. But his pouty lips is all I would need to frame! And for his finale, he looked back at us with one finger up in the air, as if he was saying, “you put me through three outfit changes, had me eat a whole cake, and you did this all in front of a very public audience…I’m going to flip you all the number one!). Gotta adore this kid! Happy first Isaac!!!2015-04-14_00012015-04-14_00022015-04-14_00032015-04-14_00042015-04-14_00052015-04-14_00062015-04-14_00072015-04-14_00082015-04-14_00092015-04-14_00102015-04-14_00112015-04-14_00122015-04-14_00132015-04-14_00142015-04-14_00152015-04-14_00162015-04-14_00172015-04-14_00182015-04-14_00192015-04-14_00202015-04-14_00212015-04-14_00222015-04-14_00232015-04-14_00242015-04-14_00252015-04-14_0026