The Topanta family got together to celebrate a beautiful woman and her life as a wife, mother, and now grandmother. If you ask me Lorraine doesn’t look a day over forty and that’s all anyone needs to know about how many candles she had on her cake this year. Christina, her eldest daughter, had shared with me at her recent maternity session that her and her family wanted to surprise their mom with some birthday photos. First off I love birthdays and then photo session surprises are even more of a treat! I was excited to reconnect (the Topanta sister’s and I went to high school together…go Tigers!) with their sweet sweet as can be family. Lorraine couldn’t thank me enough for the wonderful surprise. It was really all Mr. T’s (so cool, right?) and his family’s idea. I was just there to document that love that bonds families together. All I could think of was, wow you look exactly how I remember at all of our track meets. I was going to say how lovely all the Topanta women are, but they aren’t all Topantas anymore. They’ve grown up and now are married. On top of that their baby brother isn’t such a baby anymore either! He’s one handsome young man and his girlfriend also came to join in on the festivities. What a perfect bunch!

So here’s to a beautiful happy birthday photo session for Lorraine! I wish you many many more candles on that birthday cake and a bundle more grandchildren (because this first one is just a doll) as well!



It has almost been one month since my dear Ellie has turned one. Here are a few photos from her Kentucky Derby themed first birthday party. Of course I used the traditional horses, mint juleps, and roses to incorporate this theme, but added my own little spin and girly touches with golds, pinks, and desserts galore. Some of the other special details included her Nani making a custom naked cake, some desserts from our favorite Sweet and Saucy, and fresh flower garlands by your’s truly (you guys…I tried my best). Oh and we can’t forget we always have to add a little bit of Mexican flavor with individual fruit cups, a Taco man, and her very own pony to ride. Adult guests got to sip on Mint Juleps and decorate their glasses with swizzle sticks from Gnome Sweet Gnome while the little ladies and gents drank virgin mint juleps in milk bottle containers. Not pictured are the paper ponies that the kids got to color and “ride” around. Parents were also encouraged to make their little tikes pretty plastic ID bracelets-just incase! The evening ended with Ellie and her guests hitting two pinatas. Instead of the number pinatas I love getting the word of the number turned into a piñata. I guess it’s just the teacher in me. Oh and we can’t forget I sewed together various pink pom-pom lined blankets so the guests could sit down and relax whittle watching Frozen that we had projected outside- since it was such a hot summer night. 2014-09-10_00012014-09-10_00022014-09-10_00032014-09-10_00042014-09-10_00052014-09-10_00062014-09-10_00072014-09-10_00082014-09-10_00092014-09-10_00102014-09-10_00112014-09-10_00142014-09-10_00122014-09-10_00132014-09-10_00152014-09-10_00162014-09-11_00092014-09-10_00172014-09-10_00182014-09-10_00192014-09-10_00212014-09-10_00222014-09-10_00232014-09-11_00012014-09-11_00022014-09-11_00032014-09-11_00042014-09-11_00052014-09-11_00062014-09-11_00072014-09-11_00102014-09-11_00112014-09-11_00122014-09-11_00132014-09-11_00142014-09-11_00152014-09-11_0016


I thought I’d start everyone’s Monday on a happy note by posting the two most adorable cousins you ever did meet. First of all, they look like they could be twins. Secondly, that hair! I love the golden locks. Cristiano and Mackenzie are true blue first cousins. Their mommies are sisters and I have had the pleasure of photographing their beautiful families a few times now. Mackenzie and Cristiano turned one this summer and what better way to celebrate, then to have a joint Smash?! Their mommies had a vision (Mackenzie was going for a modern Alice In Wonderland look and Cristiano’s theme was Monster’s Inc.) Mackenzie’s mom always scores on Etsy (where she found her whole outfit) while Cristiano’s mama made his insanely cute overalls and birthday pennants for both kiddies! The location was simple because we wanted the models to shine…and they did! Happy Birthday doll faces!!!