It’s funny how life brings us full circle. I’ve recently had a boom in photographing my high school friends, classmates, and even just my old high school peers. I’m just loving it!

This adorable little tike just turned one this summer. Her mom, Christina, and I go way back to our track days. Last year I photographed Christina’s pretty belly and then soon after Marina as a newborn. Now, I am tickled pink that I was able to capture Marina’s first year session. It’s when families choose me to photograph the milestones, important celebrations and annual family photos that bring me so much joy. I love witnessing families grow, especially those that I’ve had a strong connection with in the past, like with Christina.

When Christina came to me with her session ideas I was floored. I mean I’ve pretty much seen and done it all when it comes to birthday themes, except for this one. She mentioned that this was her “first rodeo” so she needed a little help as to what to bring fro the session, but she knew that there was going to be lots of yellows and pops of red for Marina’s …(wait for it) Cheerios theme! Gahh. So cute and yet so unique. Right away she explained how Marina loves to eat Cheerios so that was it. I gave her a mental high-five and told her I couldn’t wait. The session was too cute for words with Marina’s adorable smiles and all! Happy birthday pretty baby girl! 2015-08-20_00012015-08-20_00022015-08-20_00032015-08-20_00042015-08-20_00052015-08-20_00062015-08-20_00072015-08-20_00082015-08-20_00092015-08-20_00102015-08-20_00112015-08-20_00122015-08-20_00132015-08-20_00142015-08-20_00152015-08-20_00162015-08-20_00172015-08-20_00182015-08-20_00192015-08-20_00202015-08-20_00212015-08-20_00222015-08-20_00232015-08-20_00242015-08-20_00252015-08-20_00262015-08-20_00272015-08-20_00282015-08-20_00292015-08-20_00302015-08-20_00312015-08-20_00322015-08-20_00332015-08-20_00342015-08-20_00352015-08-20_00362015-08-20_00372015-08-20_0038


Here she is! My little darling baby girl officially moved out of toddlerhood into a full-fledge kid. Whaaa! I’m just kidding. I can’t wait to watch her grow. Unlike her brother who practically spoke full sentences (no baby talk) coming out of my womb, she speaks as babyish as they come. She says adorably cute things like “dash-some” for “can I have some” and “mememade” for “lemonade” but my favorite is “ow-weeze” for you guessed it “Eloise.” So although she’s growing I can still count on the little things to make me feel like she’s still my baby girl. Can I just stare and squeeze her all day long?! It’s more then her sweet little voice, pudgy toes, big bright eyes, and “Boo” like appearance. It’s the giggly and tender love that she brings to our family each and every day. I still pinch myself knowing that I have a girl. Happy birthday to my pretty little gal! 2015-08-12_00012015-08-12_00022015-08-12_00032015-08-12_00042015-08-12_00052015-08-12_00062015-08-12_00072015-08-12_00082015-08-12_00092015-08-12_00102015-08-12_00112015-08-12_00122015-08-12_00132015-08-12_00142015-08-12_00152015-08-12_00162015-08-12_00172015-08-12_00182015-08-12_00192015-08-12_00202015-08-12_00212015-08-12_00222015-08-12_00232015-08-12_00242015-08-12_00252015-08-12_00262015-08-12_00272015-08-12_00282015-08-12_00292015-08-12_0030


The connections you make with people in life are fascinating! A couple of years ago I was contacted by this super sweet girl to photograph her and her adorable family. After meeting Monica, the cutest little five foot nothing sweetheart and David who was a whole foot taller then her I knew they were the kind of couple I would obsess over. Their fashion sense was crazy good. They were the kind of couple worth melting for (yes, it’s a Frozen reference lol) because each one of them had a heart of gold and their son was just so squeezable I could pinch his cheeks off (but I wouldn’t, duh). After I photographed their family for various celebrations and holidays David contacted me to help him with his surprise proposal to Monica. I was beyond excited for them, so of course I agreed and snuck my little ‘ole self on over to Santa Monica where he got on one knee and she said yes! I la la love watching my families grow and being able to photograph their celebrations and journeys in life make it that much sweeter. A few months ago Monica and David tied the knot and I was there again to capture all of the fashion, fun, and the love they share.

Monica’s dress was beyond! She had it custom made and well any Stuart Weitzman shoe is a-okay with me! David, as always, was on point with his blue fitted suite, pink bow tie, and rockin’ socks. They are those fun kind of couples so ya she was busting a move to some 90’s hip hop jams and pretty much everyone danced the entire night! Congratulations Monica and David it was a pleasure being apart of your life’s journeys. 2015-07-28_00012015-07-28_00022015-07-28_00032015-07-28_00042015-07-28_00052015-07-28_00062015-07-28_00072015-07-28_00082015-07-28_00092015-07-28_00102015-07-28_00112015-07-28_00122015-07-28_00132015-07-28_00142015-07-28_00152015-07-28_00162015-07-28_00172015-07-28_00182015-07-28_00192015-07-28_00202015-07-28_00212015-07-28_00222015-07-28_00232015-07-28_00242015-07-28_00252015-07-28_00262015-07-28_00272015-07-28_00282015-07-28_00292015-07-28_00302015-07-28_00312015-07-28_00332015-07-28_00322015-07-28_00342015-07-28_00352015-07-28_00362015-07-28_00372015-07-28_00382015-07-28_00392015-07-28_00402015-07-28_00582015-07-28_00412015-07-28_00422015-07-28_00432015-07-28_00592015-07-28_00442015-07-28_00602015-07-28_00452015-07-28_00462015-07-28_00482015-07-28_00612015-07-28_00492015-07-28_00502015-07-28_00512015-07-28_00522015-07-28_00532015-07-28_00542015-07-28_00552015-07-28_00562015-07-28_00572015-07-28_00622015-07-28_00632015-07-28_00642015-07-28_00652015-07-28_00662015-07-28_00672015-07-28_00682015-07-28_00692015-07-28_00702015-07-28_00712015-07-28_00722015-07-28_00732015-07-28_00742015-07-28_00752015-07-28_00762015-07-28_00782015-07-28_00802015-07-28_00812015-07-28_00822015-07-28_00832015-07-28_00842015-07-28_00852015-07-28_00862015-07-28_00872015-07-28_00882015-07-28_00892015-07-28_00902015-07-28_00912015-07-28_00922015-07-28_00932015-07-28_00942015-07-28_00952015-07-28_00962015-07-28_00972015-07-28_00982015-07-28_00992015-07-28_01002015-07-28_01012015-07-28_01022015-07-28_01032015-07-28_01042015-07-28_01052015-07-28_01062015-07-28_01072015-07-28_01082015-07-28_01092015-07-28_01102015-07-28_01112015-07-28_01122015-07-28_01132015-07-28_01142015-07-28_0115

Venue: Noor 

Florist: Bended Knee

Cake: Merengue Bakery

Dress & Veil: Custom made

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Jewelry: Nadri

Groom’s suit: John Varvatos

Bow tie: Ted Baker

Groom’s shoes: Allen Edmonds

Photographer: Eva Marie Photography