Oh what a joyous day this was for Jason, Justina (how cute are their names?!) and all their family and friends. Hands were tightly holding onto damp tissues, hugs were embraced just that much longer, and sincere words were spoken by loved ones on that lovely afternoon. Jason and Justina have been together for quite a while now which has only made their love that much stronger. These two traveled back home from their current residence in San Francisco to celebrate here in Southern Cali. Of course they brought along their “doggy-child” to the wedding. This happy couple absolutely looked as marvelous as one of those romantic wedding movies with Dermot Mulroney ( My Best Friend’s Wedding), which always ends with him getting the perfect girl like Justina. “Yes, you’re (both) lovely, with your smile so warm”…for some reason Jason and Justina had me hearing Frank Sinata’s “The Way You Look Tonight” going through my head throughout the entire ceremony.  Congratulations Jason and Justina! Your true love was inspiring to everyone around you and it was amazinly displayed that afternoon in every way imaginable!



I absolutely adore all of these outta-staters that are gracing me with their sweet families. Cam & Kristine are originally from California but have planted themselves in the one of the Four Corners states, Arizona. Although they love their too hot to handle state, they often miss the breezy beaches that us Californians (like myself) often take for granted. So, while it’s 112 degrees back in AZ, Cam and Kristine will be partying and keeping it cool at his twenty-year reunion as well as hanging out at family birthday party all in one weekend. Yup, they decided to make it a short family trip and get a photo session in with ME while they were here in town. Do I feel special? I sure do!!! How spoiled was I to also photograph their blonde-cheerleading babe, beautiful dancing brunette, and spiky-haired baseball hunk?!!! These three literally made it feel “like a day at the beach.” I’m usually either photographing just adults or newbies and tots, so when I get to hang out with the big kids, I feel like I a sixth grade teacher all over again. Except…instead of hearing whining because I assigned too much homework I get to hear the fun stuff about boys and latest trends in clothing. Cam and Kristine, thank you for being super cute and allowing me into your lives for a peek of how life is with three teenage (and pre-teen) kids. You guys make it look easy with your kiddos that were ever so uberly-well-behaved!


  • Kris Pico - July 22, 2014

    We love Eva Marie Photography. It doesn’t get much better than this. What an amazingly talented young photographer. She gets an A+ in my book. We had so much fun on the beach that day and it was all so natural. Thank you, thank you, thank you!ReplyCancel

    • Evie - July 25, 2014

      Thank you Kristine! Your words make me so happy and I loved hanging out with your beautiful family:)ReplyCancel

My little royals fill me with happiness and love every stinking moment of my life. I want to bottle up all of this goodness and keep all of their tenderness and purity frozen in time. So since I can’t, I will continue to photograph my loves in every capacity, every season, and every holiday that I can. My husband also caught a few photographs of me and my minis (thank you Schmookie).

Dear mamatita and papatito,

I love you with my whole heart. I love your teeny tiny toes, your kissable lips, and the way you hold onto me like I am your princess warrior.