She has made them complete. This little darling bundle has turned them into a family and their house into a home.

Ellie, oh sweet Ellie Olivia came into their world as tiny as can be, but also as strong as her mama and all of her auntie team! Little Ellie has made them party like rocks stars, staying up into the wee hours of the night, but as they doze on her precious face they don’t mind at all. Their every existence now is to help you grow smart, kind, and intelligent. By the looks of their instagram feed they are doing just that and a fine job at it too! {You all know I love my insta!}

Congratulations again newbie parents, you are doing an amazing job! Thank you for selecting me to help you capture some of these first moments with your beautiful family. I’m honored that I get to photograph such milestones in your lives, from your wedding to now this, your first child. Much love to all!


In a little less than a month Maria and Chris with all of their heart and soul say their I do’s. Fate, coincidence, or just pure luck would have Maria and Chris meet while pursuing a career in college counseling. They are two of the kindest people you’ll meet and their hearts are totally dedicated to helping young college students find their path in higher education. So, as they share their passion in Education they also just get one another. Like best friends, they simply enjoy hanging out, eating good food, watching performances, and their favorite- adventure seeking while getting their workout on! I’m so excited to document their love, all of their laughter, and pretty details that they have planned. 2016-05-12_00022016-05-12_00032016-05-12_00042016-05-12_00052016-05-12_00062016-05-12_00072016-05-12_00082016-05-12_00092016-05-12_00102016-05-12_00112016-05-12_00122016-05-12_00132016-05-12_00152016-05-12_00162016-05-12_00172016-05-12_00182016-05-12_00192016-05-12_00212016-05-12_00202016-05-12_00222016-05-12_00232016-05-12_00242016-05-12_00252016-05-12_00262016-05-12_00272016-05-12_00282016-05-12_00292016-05-12_00322016-05-12_00332016-05-12_00012016-05-12_00342016-05-12_00352016-05-12_00362016-05-12_00372016-05-12_00382016-05-12_00392016-05-12_00402016-05-12_00412016-05-12_00422016-05-12_00432016-05-12_00442016-05-12_00452016-05-12_0046


Oh Baby Colin, it felt like just yesterday where I met your loving family and had the honor to photograph you as a newborn. Did you know that your mom has the most amazing eye for style? Yes, your room is absolutely perfect. You can tell she put a lot of thought and heart into finding just the right decor to make you feel at home. And then the outfit she had there had mine, oh I mean your name written all over it. I just love overall rompers! Now, your daddy he’s a whole other ball game! He wanted your room covered from the windows to the walls in Raider Nation gear! I’m not kidding! But your clever and sweet mom kindly suggested he saved all that fun stuff for you in his man cave. Well played mom, well played. I want you to know that they love you beyond all the stars and Raider jerseys. Ha! I hope I get to see those sweet cheeks in person again soon! 2016-05-05_00012016-05-05_00022016-05-05_00032016-05-05_00042016-05-05_00052016-05-05_00062016-05-05_00072016-05-05_00082016-05-05_00092016-05-05_00102016-05-05_00112016-05-05_00122016-05-05_00132016-05-05_00142016-05-05_00152016-05-05_00162016-05-05_00172016-05-05_00182016-05-05_00192016-05-05_00202016-05-05_00222016-05-05_00232016-05-05_00242016-05-05_00252016-05-05_00262016-05-05_00282016-05-05_00292016-05-05_00302016-05-05_00312016-05-05_00322016-05-05_00332016-05-05_00342016-05-05_00352016-05-05_00362016-05-05_00372016-05-05_00382016-05-05_00392016-05-05_00402016-05-05_00412016-05-05_00422016-05-05_00432016-05-05_00442016-05-05_00452016-05-05_00462016-05-05_00472016-05-05_0048

  • Ikela Diaz - May 6, 2016

    Thank you for the wonderful images and thoughtful words!! You made me laugh out loud as I read them to Peter ???? I loved seeing these blogged, it was a nice Trip down memory lane right in time for Mother’s Day!! Our paths need to cross again!ReplyCancel