Melody and Richard displayed their love in front of a select few close family and friends. This wedding ceremony resembled the steaminess of Titanic and The Notebook combined. The tender kisses and sensual embraces they shared said it all!  This couple had been previously married by the court and now wanted to officially capture their blazing hot love for one another in front their loved ones.

So what happens when too hot individuals come together and have a child? Well, the have one of the most adorable baby boys-duh! Their son, also joined them as the ring bearer, at their ceremony. This bright-eyed baby boy completes this hip family trio and also shared a special place in this declaration of love for one another.  Despite the Palm Springs-like weather we’ve been having lately, the day was perfect. There was just a slight breeze to keep us cool enough to listen to their heartfelt vows and then the two or so…dozen kisses afterwards. It was an honor for me to photograph their wedding this summer. Especially since I started photographing Melody and Richard’s sweet and gorgeous family even before they had their son. Congratulations to these three beautiful souls and cheers to many more years (and hopefully more beautiful babies)! 2014-08-30_00312014-08-30_00042014-08-30_00052014-08-31_00012014-08-30_00072014-08-30_00082014-08-30_00092014-08-30_00102014-08-30_00112014-08-30_00122014-08-30_00132014-08-30_00142014-08-30_00152014-08-30_00162014-08-30_00172014-08-30_00182014-08-30_00192014-08-30_00202014-08-30_00212014-08-30_00222014-08-30_00232014-08-30_00242014-08-30_00252014-08-30_00262014-08-30_00282014-08-30_00272014-08-30_00292014-08-30_00302014-08-30_00322014-08-30_00332014-08-30_00342014-08-30_00352014-08-30_00402014-08-30_00362014-08-30_00372014-08-30_00382014-08-30_00412014-08-30_00422014-08-30_00432014-08-30_00442014-08-30_00452014-08-30_00482014-08-30_0049

Florist: Laura Barraza InStyle Blooms


“Genevieve is here!” was the email that I received a couple of weeks ago. Remember Jennifer and Neil from their gorgeous maternity session in Orange County? Well, their darling baby girl made her appearance on July 24th in a matter of only a few hours. Yes, she wasn’t waiting for anyone. This precious little one came out very quickly, but luckily everyone was prepared and out popped healthy baby Genevieve. Their newborn session was very intimate (just the way I love them). We all spent time drooling over how sweet Genevieve looked in the knitted turtle two-piece she wore for a few of the photos (their mama was a Delta Zeta). Genevieve’s room was filled with beautiful vintage items that belong to Jennifer and were saved for her by her grandmother. I had mentioned this earlier in their maternity session post, so when they contacted me to photograph their daughter’s newborn session I couldn’t wait to take a look at those fine crafted pieces. The wooden rocking chair and toy chest didn’t disappoint!

Genevieve was just a joy to photograph. She slept all the way until the very end when Neil and I jinxed her and as soon as we mentioned how perfect she was, BAM! She started to cry. I was still able to manage grabbing a few more photos- just take a look yourself!

Thank you so much Jennifer and Neil for welcoming me into your lovely home and lives! Congratulations on your sweet sweet Genevieve. She just made me smile from ear to ear!2014-08-26_00012014-08-26_00042014-08-26_00072014-08-26_00052014-08-26_00062014-08-26_00322014-08-26_00082014-08-26_00022014-08-26_00092014-08-26_00102014-08-26_00112014-08-26_00122014-08-26_00132014-08-26_00142014-08-26_00152014-08-26_00162014-08-26_00182014-08-26_00172014-08-26_00192014-08-26_00202014-08-26_00212014-08-26_00222014-08-26_00232014-08-26_00242014-08-26_00252014-08-26_00262014-08-26_00272014-08-26_00282014-08-26_00292014-08-26_00302014-08-26_00312014-08-26_00332014-08-26_00342014-08-26_00352014-08-26_00362014-08-26_00372014-08-26_00382014-08-26_00392014-08-26_00402014-08-26_0041


Life is somewhat of a blind journey of who we are, who we want to become, and where we are going. Then we meet the one person that will help us see the way and we are hooked. Venessa found her guide ten years ago. They are celebrating their friendship that grew into love and became a happy marriage.

Venessa spotted Daniel when they attended Loyola Marymount University at the ice cream parol, where he worked during college. She probably had many of stomach aches just to let him know that she was interested. That was it, sweet sweet love (or ice cream) that made them bananas for each other. Just over a year ago they married and are still gah gah over one another. They are both teachers (Yay, gotta love my teachers) and right now are taking advantage of every opportunity to travel (to Europe this summer), root for their favorite teams at games (Lakers, Dodgers and he’s an Angel’s fan) and sample all of the gellato and ice cream their tummies can handle. Congratulations Venessa and Daniel for finding your one and only. Thank you for allowing me to capture all the beauty of your love and where it all started!2014-08-18_00022014-08-18_00032014-08-18_00042014-08-18_00062014-08-18_00072014-08-18_00082014-08-18_00092014-08-18_00102014-08-18_00112014-08-18_00122014-08-18_00132014-08-18_00142014-08-18_00012014-08-18_00152014-08-18_00162014-08-18_00172014-08-18_00182014-08-18_00192014-08-18_00202014-08-18_00212014-08-18_00222014-08-18_0023