Life is the journey you create with your loved ones. You can watch them pass by within a blink of an eye or you can embrace every second and enjoy each moment. Either way I am here because I want to help you capture your family as a timeless piece of art. I want to photograph a true tender touch, the gleam in your child’s eye, and the way you embrace each member of your family. I’m here to document your growing love in every form and every stage. Sometimes, like myself, people get carried away in the perfect pose and Christmas card image. And of course, don’t get me wrong, I love me an awesome Christmas Card photo! That’s why I do my Minis. But the way I see it is to find beauty in an image is to do it creatively, artistically and with the most genuine interactions. I’ve learned that babies, children, and just people in general grow in significant amounts in such little time. So, my favorite time with my family is the present. When you are in front of my lens I want to show that right there at that moment, those unique stages in your family’s lives is your favorite time.

I couldn’t have asked for better families to represent their favorite times in front of my camera. I had the pleasure once again to photograph the sweet and curious McCarty family. Last year their daughter Abigail and twins just stole my heart and this year they stole my breath (almost literally). I was chasing these three pretties all over the Arboretum and I had the best time doing it! As a parent and photographer my view, in photos, have changed a bit. My favorite shots are the ones where children are just having fun and loving one another. You’ll see that in the McCarty’s photos. Facial structures change. Last year the McCarty twins were a little over six months and they had big bright eyes, gummy gums, and absolutely very minimal hair. At this stage (a little over a year and some months) they are full on, pig-tail wearing, teeth-smiling, toddlers. And their dear big sister Abigail has grown a bit too. Here eyes have changed colors a tad but her sweet smile stays the same. Here is the McCarty’s and their daily journey in love and life with a big sister and twin toddlers.



Lauren and Anthony are national travelers. The moved from Delaware to California recently and will soon set their feet in New Jersey by next Spring. Hmm what are Bonnie and Clyde up to, nothing but love! They are just two youngins in love. Anthony is actually in the army, which allows him to travel so often and this also means that his adorable fiancé will soon be an army wife. They wanted to have their engagement session right here in Laguna Beach where Anthony proposed to Lauren one romantic afternoon. She said yes and probably gave him a million and one kisses as they decided to spend the rest of their lives in love with one another. She’s a homebody that loves teaching children. She won my heart, like I’m sure she did his, when I discovered she’s a one-on-one teacher for children with Autism. He’s an adventurer and together they are like peanut butter and jelly. No, better like nutella and apple butter on a warm English muffin…so good together! The best thing about this session is how their true love just spewed out in front of my lens because when I asked them to snuggle, they joked how that was their favorite thing to do. Seriously, you guys are killing me that you are so darn perf together! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to photograph their wedding in Delaware this June, but I was beyond honored when they asked me to capture their engagement session. I mean there are a million and one photographers and they chose me! I’m kinda still on a natural high from that, just saying. Lauren and Anthony you guys were way too much cuteness. Thank you again and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!


It was a ideal afternoon for a wedding. Oh Erika and Ryan…Oh Santa Barbara…and Oh October, you all made for a lovely day! Erika and Ryan packed their bags, along with their little sweetheart daughter, and headed up North to wed in front of their dearest friends and family. Everyone was cool as a cucumber as they prepped their outfits, powdered their noses and had a few drinks in between. Erika’s sister and Ryan’s groomsmen kept the crowd going with their witty humor and playful behavior. Most of the wedding details, like Erika’s make-up and hair, flowers, DJ, and officiant were all family and friends. Now, aren’t these two just surrounded by such talented loved ones?  Two families united that day and everyone helped spread the love through continuous toasts and enduring hugs. Thank you Erika and Ryan for welcoming me into your world and allowing me to help you capture these unforgettable memories. I’m sure you had a blast in Puerto Vallarta!


Dress: Kelly Faetanini/  Shoes: Badgley Mischka/  Jewelry: Givenchy/  Venue: Rincon Beach Club

Photographer: Eva Marie Photography