The Pooni family looking all spiffy in cobalt blue, a first birthday, and well my favorite open field made for a pretty perfect summer session! Let me introduce to Nihaal. He turned one over the summer and I was the lucky one to meet such a character. Hands down Nihaal makes the best faces ever! He amused us with smiles and puckers throughout his entire birthday session. If someone had a camera on me too you’d see us all cracking up. I have a feeling he’s going to be the life of the party one day. Until then here are some of my favorites of the lovely Pooni family of three.


I might be bias because of the fact that they are one of my previous bride and groom, but aren’t they just a perfect pair?  I had to post this beautiful maternity session soon- before their pretty princess, Isabel arrives in October (which is literally just around the corner). So here they are at one of my favorite locations in all of Orange County and their session couldn’t have turned out any prettier then I imagined it. I don’t know if it was the warm summer evening or the touch of romance I saw between the two, but Vicky’s glow was definitely beyond the typical mama gleam. She was in her element, which showed in every. single. image! Now for daddy-to-be. You know what’s amazing to me? I have seen sweet Ed grow from a timid newly engaged young man, to a confidant married one. Now it’s like he’s made full circle and is back at the novice level in this new baby phase of his life. But I know he’s ready to become daddy-of-the-year because just like with their engagement, they are prepared! They’ve taken classes, conquered the nursery, and are ready with open arms to welcome baby Isabel. I just can’t wait to meet her!


Stephanie and Randi just tied the knot a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I’d better hurry up and post their sweet engagement session before it’s time to reveal their absolutely adorable wedding images. These two are just the best of friends and compliment each other so well.  He’s a brain, but she’s a brainiac. She’s basically the code to his perfect program! See what I did there…ha ha. They are both Beatles fanatics, dinosaur lovers, and will do anything for their doggie, Sexy! Oh and look below. Sexy is so sexy she walks around in the buff (I’m on a roll, ha!).

With their quiet responses and tight shoulders Stephanie and Randi didn’t have to tell me they were a little camera shy. I quickly turned their timidness into laughter. I literally had them laughing in about point two seconds. Here’s the secret…I just laugh obnoxiously and if they don’t run out of fear I tell them it’s my fake photography laugh and then come their genuine smiles. Okay my clients might think I’m crazy after, but I think they secretly love it!

No, but really I was so humbled by the feedback I received from Stephanie and Randi.  They loved their images because they felt in their element and it showed! Congratulations Stephanie and Ranid for finding love and finding each other! I can’t wait to blog your perfectly detailed wedding!