I thought I might as well blog my baby shower before our babe Everett arrives and only leaves me time to snuggle and adore his little itty bitty parts. For my third and last baby shower, I really wanted to reflect more of my personal style then a classic baby shower. I love all things modern with a twist of midcentury feel, everything clean and classic, and lots of plants so that’s where my heart decided to take my ideas and turn them into my babe brunch. Indigo, tie dye and ferns laid the foundation for my color pallet and I couldn’t be happier with the way everything got literally pieced together. I grabbed items from everywhere, Ikea to store fronts in Downtown LA, while purchasing delectable desserts and renting gorgeous stands. I wish I could say I accomplished this feat all by myself, but thank goodness I didn’t have to because I wouldn’t have finished in time. My sister and her husband along with my husband all contributed to my boho-inspired intimate baby shower brunch. I can’t say thank you enough for how much I adore them for all their love and support .

We kept the itinerary simple by only playing a few fun games. My favorite game what guessing the title of the most poplar children’s books. The reader of the year, my mother, would have won but that wouldn’t have been fair. The runner up was my dear friend Charm who just so happens two have two toddlers and is a teacher. Hmm, I guess that wasn’t too fair to all the other ladies either. Ha! What I love the most is to give, so what better way to show my appreciation to each guest for attending then to give them something that I would love. Each friend and family member had a chance to create their own DIY hanging succulent terrarium. It turned out to be a huge hit! After that, each guest was asked to draw an image that would represent the letter of whichever alphabet card they had chosen. I have to say I loved watching everyone color and create their best work so that I would have a full alphabet card collection for my babe Everett.

Oh and I can’t forget about the beautiful personalized calligraphy that I ordered from a hip instagram follower. My dear sweet girlfriend Svea also came to the rescue the day before my shower to help me design the Pinterest wall hanging, which I loved so much that its now it’s hanging in my house. Also big hugs to my girl Nancy, she makes amazing cakes and her decorating skills are superb, but I didn’t want her to do any work so instead she baked my cake and covered it in fondant and I tried my very best to decorate it. I hope I lived up to her cake decorating standards!

Desserts: Sweet & Saucy Shop | Dessert stands: Minted and Vintage | Venue: Bailey Street Kitchen | Hand lettering boards: BlacknWhite Hand lettering |

Photography: Eva Marie Photography



I recently had the opportunity to photograph a precious and oh-so-beautiful three-month-old baby girl named Mila. I am so lucky that I get to photograph adorable babes and their families very often, however I was a little nervous for this session because Mila had just turned three months. What’s had me shaking in my knees about this angelic looking three month old…well I’ll tell ya! Newborns are sleepy so they are well mostly asleep for their sessions and look so darn adorable in their slumber (especially if they are under a month). Six-month-olds and up are sitting, laughing, and even crawling around so it’s easy to capture their newly forming personalities. However, when littles are three months they are awake enough to know what’s going on, so they actually aren’t sleepy at all. Then on the other hand they aren’t strong enough yet to hold their heads up and just sit pretty. With that being said the best place to put a three-month-old beauty is in their parent’s arms because that’s exactly what they want! Luckily I always have plans A, B, and C ready to take any babe.

Right when I met Mila I knew she was going to be just wonderful and basically photogenic! Every photo, every image, and every moment I captured was beautiful. She was like a baby angel sent from the photographer gods. She was full of smiles the entire session and didn’t mind anywhere we placed her. I mean it also helped that her nursery was adorable, she wore matching flower crowns with her gorgeous mama, and their intimate family images just made my jaw drop. Yup, all the little extra effort that my families put into the details I just think makes everyone feel, look and act their best!

Congratulations Adrina for giving birth to a living doll and Bobby for creating one of the most adorable families ever! Can’t wait to watch babe Mila grow!!!


It’s spring and love is in the air, blowing wedding veils like no one’s pretty business. Hall-le-lu-yer for wind! Abner and Denise planned for a sun shine-filled Saturday, but instead April showers arrived. When do we really get April showers in SoCal anyway? We needed the rain, but this beautiful couple surely didn’t want to see one drop. I kept the situation light and offered them an umbrella and reminded them that rain on a wedding day is good luck!

Both Abner and Denise looked ravishing from head to toe, but I must say my brides, like Denise, are absolutely stunning! Each detail was perfection, from her gorgeous lace-trimmed veil to her ah-maze-ingly sparkling Betsey Johnson shoes. The pretty details just kept going!

My current favorite ceremony location is the Cathedral in Downtown Los Angeles. The light and space are just stunning. Their ceremony was beautiful! The love and laughter just continued to carry on into the reception, which was held on the same grounds.  After all the sincere speeches I thought everyone was going to keep on crying a river until the best man came out with a poster-size childhood photo of him and the groom! From zero to sixty we all went from sentimental tears to that of uncontrollable laughter. If things couldn’t get any better, all of their immediate family and wedding party opened up the dance floor with a traditional Mexican wedding dance, with a bull-shaped piñata, baskets full of fruits, and pretty ribbons wrapped around liquor bottles! This wedding was one for the records! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Chavez, may the rest of your marriage be filled with nothing but sun-shiny days!

Ceremony & Venue: Cathedral of Our Lady of Angeles  |  Shoes: Betsey Johnson  |  Hand lettering: Laniletter Paper Co.  |  Photographer: Eva Marie Photography