February 18, 2015 baby Emilee brought extra love into the Rogers’ family. This adorable trio (plus their loving doggie) is now a proud family of four. Knowing the Rogers’ for some time now it was my pleasure to help them celebrate the new life they brought into this world and their newly purchased home with this lifestyle newborn photo session. Hurray! Big brother is also as ecstatic as can be! His smiles definitely charmed me throughout our session, so much so that I wanted to put him in my pocket and take him home. Congratulations Rogers’, you sure are a picture perfect looking family!


Third time is definitely a charm! Ha! I’m not talking about our soon-t0-arrive baby number three. No, I’m actually referring to this gender reveal session. At first I thought it would be adorable take our gender reveal photos at my favorite local old-fashion ice cream parlor, Fosselman’s. That didn’t work out so well. They didn’t have blue colored ice cream, so we got green (pistachio) which our son didn’t like. It was the beginning of our little heat wave in sunny Southern California so there was like a million and one people in line, which didn’t allow for any space to take indoor photos. Our second shot at it was on an overcast and cool Sunday afternoon at Huntington Beach. Ya, you know it seemed like just the right temp and we found the perfect blue gelato off of the pier. Wah wah it melted in ten-seconds flat and this time my daughter was cranky because it was cold. What a bust I tell ya! I lost all hope and was about to give-up and just post a photo of some gender specific piece of clothing, until my husband suggested I make the adorable ice cream cone cupcakes. I almost slapped him in the face, but the kids were watching (lol), because hello why didn’t he mention this to me before?! He knows I have baby brain right now and I can’t think! Ughhh. So, here you have it folks it was a humid overcast day with unmeltable (I know I made that up) ice creams and two extra excited kids. Yay, we did it! Thanks Schmookie husband, I still love you! Take a guess what I’m having before you look!2015-03-12_00012015-03-12_00022015-03-12_00032015-03-12_00042015-03-12_00052015-03-12_00062015-03-12_00072015-03-12_00082015-03-12_00092015-03-12_00102015-03-12_00112015-03-12_00122015-03-12_00132015-03-12_00142015-03-12_00162015-03-12_00172015-03-12_00192015-03-12_00202015-03-12_00212015-03-12_00222015-03-12_00242015-03-12_00252015-03-12_00272015-03-12_00282015-03-12_00292015-03-12_00302015-03-12_00312015-03-12_00342015-03-12_00352015-03-12_00362015-03-12_00372015-03-12_0038

  • Annie Vovan - March 16, 2015

    YOU ARE THE MOST ADORABLE EVER!!!! I LOVE THAT HE’S a boy!!!! SOOO AWESOME!! Beautiful photos !!!! xoxoxReplyCancel

Baby Oliver. Twenty-one days young. Connie and Oliver (Sr. aka dad) had been very anxious to meet their little bundle. Cupid must have saved an extra arrow for these three because Oliver arrived, just as scheduled, on February 14, 2015. Then the love bug hit them and they were hooked! Making his grand entrance into the world Oliver came in weighing just a little over 9 whopping pounds. How in the heck did this chunk of love come out of his little mama? You can see how adorable and tiny Connie looked during her maternity session a few months ago.

Both parents wanted to make sure to capture as many photos as they could of their first baby.  They requested that I focus mostly on their handsome babe and well, I did. The photo below is a sweet one of all three of them that I snuck into the session. The rest are of all the most precious itty bitty parts and curiously cute faces of Oliver.2015-03-10_00012015-03-10_00022015-03-10_00032015-03-10_00042015-03-10_00052015-03-10_00062015-03-10_00072015-03-10_00082015-03-10_00092015-03-10_00102015-03-10_00112015-03-10_00122015-03-10_00132015-03-10_00142015-03-10_00152015-03-10_00162015-03-10_00172015-03-10_00182015-03-10_00192015-03-10_00202015-03-10_00212015-03-10_00222015-03-10_00232015-03-10_00242015-03-10_00252015-03-10_00262015-03-10_00272015-03-10_00282015-03-10_0029