A family of four plus their furry friend, yep I’ll take that! Their rambunctious toddler Gianna kept her parents (and me) on their toes throughout our session. That was okay though, because her lively spirit and precious smile made up for all the running around I did. Then there was little miss sunshine Ivannie, the newest addition to their family, that just sat pretty. Finally, they wanted to have their sweet Peaches involved in her first ever family photo session. Luckily Peaches is sort of like a cat with nine lives because the night before she got lost and dad (Pedro), had a little meltdown. You see dogs are really man’s best friend and when Peaches couldn’t be found everyone was in tears. The session was almost cancelled and the family was left heartbroken for a while, but thank goodness later that night they found her. Yay! The session was a go and by the looks of it no one would have known the session was almost on the brink of disaster. Actually I think their little mishap added to the affection that was shown, for Peaches and their family, on that day (I’m not saying go and loose your dog the night before your photo shoot but look at how much genuine love is pouring out). If you look down you’ll see how gorgeous Yolanda and her husband are together. She’s just a ray of sunshine herself. She’s beauty AND I know she has patience and brains because she’s also a Teacher. Pedro, you are one lucky fella! Thank you all for allowing me to help you capture the family photos you’ve been wanting to capture. 2014-12-08_00012014-12-08_00022014-12-08_00032014-12-08_00042014-12-08_00052014-12-08_00062014-12-08_00072014-12-08_00082014-12-08_00092014-12-08_00102014-12-08_00112014-12-08_00122014-12-08_00132014-12-08_00252014-12-08_00142014-12-08_00152014-12-08_00162014-12-08_00172014-12-08_00182014-12-08_00192014-12-08_00202014-12-08_00212014-12-08_00222014-12-08_00232014-12-08_00242014-12-08_00262014-12-08_00272014-12-08_00282014-12-08_00292014-12-08_00302014-12-08_00312014-12-08_00322014-12-08_00332014-12-08_00342014-12-08_0035


Oh the holidays are upon us and I can’t think of a better way to share the love then showing it off right here. Sharon and her family are a bundle of joy and it shows in each and every one of their ear-to-ear smiles. I mean come on can they get anymore photogenic? Last year I photographed her two little sweethearts in Los Angeles and recently her son’s Smash session at Griffith Park. Now, I finally got to photograph their entire family and boy they impressed me with their natural love and way they interacted with one another. Sedona and Austin were just the perfect sister-brother pair that day. They laughed and giggled the entire session (I must be getting better at my knock-knock jokes ha!). I think I mention this quite often but I’m just fascinated at the dynamics of every one of my families. They are all different and yet all the same because they are bonded by love and the newness of each milestone their first or fourth child is tackling. Sometimes I wish I could just sit and drink tea at a fancy Parisian cafe and just watch, but you know what this is way better. Maybe, if I could sip on tea or coffee while I’m photographing my beautiful families then that would just put the icing on the cake (well in terms of people watching).

Oh and Sharon isn’t just a pretty face either, she’s a nurse and a rad mom that has cool mommy-daughter dates too. Funzies, I know! Oh and of course John is a gentle and kind husband too, but these men are always so secretive I never get all the extra details on them. Well Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas you guys!!!2014-11-30_00012014-11-30_00022014-11-30_00032014-11-30_00042014-11-30_00052014-11-30_00062014-11-30_00072014-11-30_00082014-11-30_00092014-11-30_00102014-11-30_00112014-11-30_00122014-11-30_00132014-11-30_00142014-11-30_00152014-11-30_00162014-11-30_00172014-11-30_00182014-11-30_00192014-11-30_00202014-11-30_00212014-11-30_00222014-11-30_00232014-11-30_00242014-11-30_00252014-11-30_00262014-11-30_00272014-11-30_00282014-11-30_00292014-11-30_00302014-11-30_00312014-11-30_00322014-11-30_00332014-11-30_00342014-11-30_00352014-11-30_00362014-11-30_00372014-11-30_00382014-11-30_0039


Vanessa and her handsome family of four couldn’t have made my afternoon any better that day at their session. First off their boys were not only looking so fresh and so clean, but had perfect side combs, matching bow ties, and sweet smiles to go along with their entertaining personalities. Vanessa and I have followed one another on Instgram for a while now so it was pretty awesome to finally meet her hot mama self and family in person. You know it’s funny how we think we know how a person’s day is going by viewing their lives on one tiny square shaped photos on a small screen day in and day out, but to meet real live people and their families in person is just so much better! I got to joke around and play “competition” games with the Quiroz boys and I might have had even more fun then them (I’m just sayin’)! Now let’s talk about how smoking hot Vanessa and her hubby looked together all decked out in black. Too good! Oh and her necklace, ya I think I might want that on my Christmas list (a-hem hope my hubby is reading this). Thank you Quiroz family for allowing me to meet your adorable family in person and hang out with you guys for a couple of hours. 2014-11-24_00012014-11-24_00032014-11-24_00042014-11-24_00052014-11-24_00062014-11-24_00072014-11-24_00432014-11-24_00092014-11-24_00102014-11-24_00112014-11-24_00122014-11-24_00132014-11-24_00142014-11-24_00152014-11-24_00162014-11-24_00172014-11-24_00182014-11-24_00192014-11-24_00202014-11-24_00212014-11-24_00222014-11-24_00232014-11-24_00242014-11-24_00252014-11-24_00262014-11-24_00272014-11-24_00282014-11-24_00292014-11-24_00302014-11-24_00312014-11-24_00322014-11-24_00332014-11-24_00342014-11-24_00352014-11-24_00362014-11-24_00372014-11-24_00442014-11-24_00392014-11-24_00402014-11-24_00412014-11-24_0042

  • Vanessa Quiroz - November 24, 2014

    OMG!!! Beyond my expectations Evie. It was beyond a pleasure to have finally meet you! Thank you for the fabulous photos and greatly appreciated comments towards my family. My boys had a blast and cannot stop talking about that day. You made my vision come to life and im forever grateful for these precious moments.

    As for my necklace, Forever 21..lol

    Thank you again Evie from the bottom of my heart.

    Vanessa Quiroz & FamilyReplyCancel

    • Evie - November 24, 2014

      Oh my goodness I’m so happy you enjoyed your photos! Thank you for your kind and sweet words they mean so much to me! I take everyone on my clients comments to heart and this just drives me to continue to make beautiful images with such beautiful families, like yourself! Thanks for the 411 on the necklace too:) xoReplyCancel