I rarely photograph a lifestyle session for just a couple, but when I do it’s like taking a test and the professor handing everyone a study guid “cheat sheet” – Ace! Yup, Kabria & Michael’s session was fun, very flirty, and just like gooey sweetness wrapped up in bacon. And who doesn’t like bacon? After Kabria initially contacted me she had expressed that she had no real expectations except that she wanted to capture her and her boyfriend, Michael in front of the camera together. Sounds simple, right? Well not really for them. You see they have a sort of mini-long distance relationship. Kabria works at UCI (my alma mater …woo woo) in their student housing and Michael is a teacher in Corona. Kabria laughed as she joked about how they’ve gone from taking photos together on their phones to sending one another selfies of each other. As a photographer I almost about cried when I heard that and I wanted to make this the most beautiful and memorable session for them.

I thought the images turned out super pretty and well she emailed me right after telling me that they “absolutely loved them.” My heart went pitter patter for a second. Mission accomplished! Kabria and Michael I wish you guys even more of all the love and laughter, that you already share with one another, and a lot of happiness finding frames for these images .



Connie is expecting her first child. Everything new and exciting is churning inside her tummy like of course her babe, the nervousness that comes along with deciding to nurse, daydreaming of the teeny tiny toes that will soon be all theirs to care for and love and everything else in between the newness of motherhood. Luckily, this gorgeous gal has a supportive husband and family. So supportive that her sister, Arlene, whom I photographed over a year ago at this very location has shared all of her mommy-hood secrets with her big sister and even this maternity dress that Arlene wore during her photo session with me. How awesome is that? What a fun family tradition that they started! Well Connie, I can’t wait to meet your little price or princess (Connie and her husband have decided do it the old fashion way and find out at delivery)!!! 2015-01-19_00012015-01-19_00042015-01-19_00022015-01-19_00052015-01-19_00062015-01-19_00072015-01-19_00082015-01-19_00092015-01-19_00102015-01-19_00112015-01-19_00122015-01-19_00132015-01-19_00142015-01-19_00152015-01-19_00162015-01-19_00172015-01-19_00182015-01-19_00192015-01-19_00202015-01-19_00212015-01-19_00232015-01-19_00242015-01-19_00252015-01-19_00272015-01-19_00282015-01-19_0029


What a better way to start the new year then with a healthy option eating lifestyle. It was fascinating watching Tiffany and Rose, from The Pretty Little Lifters cook up some oh-so-deliscious and uber fresh meals. They created a full on spread of dishes that you can make for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. These gorgeous and fit gals also need a little TLC time to wind down (like all of us) after a long week of lifting. The way they get their fun time in is by getting all cozy in their ridiculous adorable pineapple pjs and indulging in a cupcake or two. Check out their inspiring lifestyle, recipes, and daily fitness goals by following their instagram {ThePrettyLittleLifters}.

Simple Veggie Frittata | Creamy Cranberry Smoothie | The PLL Green Juice | Pretty Pumpkin Spice Butternut Squash | Lemon Pepper Grilled Shrimp Skewers