Life is somewhat of a blind journey of who we are, who we want to become, and where we are going. Then we meet the one person that will help us see the way and we are hooked. Venessa found her guide ten years ago. They are celebrating their friendship that grew into love and became a happy marriage.

Venessa spotted Daniel when they attended Loyola Marymount University at the ice cream parol, where he worked during college. She probably had many of stomach aches just to let him know that she was interested. That was it, sweet sweet love (or ice cream) that made them bananas for each other. Just over a year ago they married and are still gah gah over one another. They are both teachers (Yay, gotta love my teachers) and right now are taking advantage of every opportunity to travel (to Europe this summer), root for their favorite teams at games (Lakers, Dodgers and he’s an Angel’s fan) and sample all of the gellato and ice cream their tummies can handle. Congratulations Venessa and Daniel for finding your one and only. Thank you for allowing me to capture all the beauty of your love and where it all started!2014-08-18_00022014-08-18_00032014-08-18_00042014-08-18_00062014-08-18_00072014-08-18_00082014-08-18_00092014-08-18_00102014-08-18_00112014-08-18_00122014-08-18_00132014-08-18_00142014-08-18_00012014-08-18_00152014-08-18_00162014-08-18_00172014-08-18_00182014-08-18_00192014-08-18_00202014-08-18_00212014-08-18_00222014-08-18_0023


Happy 1st Birthday to this little prince! Pascal turned one on August 1st and his mommy and daddy wanted to capture all of his cuteness. I think he made them pretty happy with the way he handled his first photo session as a toddler. Oh and it seems as though saying that your one (with your index finger) has become a new trend for my little bitty clients. Good job parents!2014-08-04_00092014-08-04_00042014-08-04_00062014-08-04_00142014-08-04_00132014-08-04_00122014-08-04_00112014-08-04_00102014-08-04_00082014-08-04_00072014-08-04_00052014-08-04_0015


You’ve been in my dreams, my dear, since we started our little family. I longed to hold you tight, kiss your sweet lips, and love you to pieces. Can you believe I am your mother and you are my daughter? I have a daughter! One year ago my mind and body transformed for you. Although I know you are still just a wee lil thing, it’s your birthday! I promise you that you will have my love forever and I will guard you from your fears. I will not only give you wings, but teach you how to use them so you can reach way beyond your dreams…reach so high that you grab whatever it is you want and it will become a reality. For you my dear, I will try my best to gather all the wisdom and experiences that I have learned from family, friends, and educators so that I may sprinkle  just a bit of that knowledge upon you everyday. When you are all grown up, you will be as gentle and beautiful as a butterfly, have the strength and wisdom of an elephant, and with just some of the lioness fierceness on the side that will drive your ambition. But most importantly I will teach you to have faith in God, that he will be there no matter what life’s circumstances are and He will give you all the strength to endure this dream-like life.

I love the way you call for me when you need me to protect you from your brother’s tough love, when you’re hungry, or when you just want some comfort. Your quirky side crawl makes me laugh and Daddy and I think it’s just too cute and funny when you scoot around in circles. I love the way you enjoy food as much as I do and sometimes you get hangry like me. Thank you for being such a good napper, ha! Your kisses are some of the best (you’re in a three way tie with your brother and daddy).  Not only do you resemble your late great-Nana, but you also have her personality and at times I catch you creating the same facial expressions. This melts my heart and makes me feel as if this is God’s way of allowing me to have a little piece of my Nana still with me.

Thank you God for brining me a lovely baby girl. I cannot wait to watch you grow and enjoy this life with you. Happy Birthday Mamatita!

  • Renee Nuanes-Delgadillo - August 12, 2014

    Nothing compares to being a mom, nothing. And you have done a terrific job cousin! Both your babies are full of life and have enough love that they are about to explode. A whole year has gone and your baby girl is just as beautiful as the women that I grew up with. We love you all…and tons of kisses and hugs to the birthday Lady Eloise. Love, Anthony, Nicholas, and IsabelReplyCancel

    • Evie - August 13, 2014

      You are the sweetest cousin! Thank you so much for your kind words. You are the one that is super duper amazing with three cute kids on your hands. xoxoReplyCancel

  • Annie Vovan - August 12, 2014

    Beautiful words mama. You have done such an amazing job with both kids!!! She is a sweet girl and E is a wonderful good natured boy too. Bravo mama, happy first year Eloise and congrats on getting through the hardest part of it all!!! Hugs!! Annie + MaxReplyCancel

    • Evie - August 13, 2014

      Thank you so much doll! This means so much coming from a just as amazing mama yourself! xoxoReplyCancel